ALMC is a Lutheran institution under the leadership of the ELCT, North Central Diocese. For this reason, ALMC Chaplaincy Standard Operating procedure reflects Lutheran bias. However, other none Lutheran Christians are welcome to serve the Lord together with the Lutherans in this institution.
The duties and responsibilities of the chaplaincy office is to provide pastoral and spiritual care to the entire ALMC Community; not only to the patients who actually are the target of ALMC.
Chaplaincy office also serve the patients who need palliative care in collaboration with hospice team
These patients are taken care holistically means physically, spiritual and socially.
Chaplaincy office is under hospital Chaplain being assisted by evangelists and non clergy people like church elders and hospice team.
also they responsible for those
• Who wants baptism
• Who wants communion
• Any other spiritual needs such as
- Bereavement service for the family of the deceased at home
- Being available at the mortuary to read from the Bible a word of consolation to the mourners, and a short prayer as the mourners take away the body for burial.


Hospital Chaplain:


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